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1/3 deposit is required before tanning.
Additional charges include: grease burned skins, extensive alterations, major repairs, hardwood bases, crating and shipping.
Cougar Starting at $6,250
Black Bear Starting at $5,500
Sheep Starting at $5,700
Mountain Goat Starting at $5,600
Leopard Starting at $6,800
African Lion Starting at $9,500
Grizzly Bear Starting at $6,800
Brown Bear Starting at $9,000
Wolf Starting at $5,200
Lynx Starting at $3,250
Bobcat Starting at $2,950
Open Mouth $300 - $500
Habitat - You can expect to pay from 10 - 20% of base price for cast rock bases. Hardwood extra.
These prices reflect poses that require a minimal amount of form alterations. Many of the poses on the website are customized for specific locations in trophy rooms. The more specialized a mount becomes the more labor is involved thus adding cost to the project. With more restrictions on public land it is becoming more difficult to obtain habitat material. There will be additional charges on certain habitat, primarily trees that have extreme character due to the fact that they generally grow in inaccessible places and take much effort to obtain.